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Cleaning Never Looked So Easy

Dirty and stained surfaces are unsightly and a menace to our health. From dirt and grime to food and drink, spills in our flooring can often become a culprit for mold and bacteria. Here at Aim Carpet And Air Duct Cleaning, we provide tailored solutions to make your floors look as good as new and free of harmful contaminants.


Our tile and grout cleaning service in St. Louis, MO, use a high-pressure water and vacuum system that deliver exceptional results every time. 


Our professional cleaners have years of experience and are passionate about providing 100% customer satisfaction with each job.


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Get Deep Clean Results With Our Services

Cleaning your floors by hand is not only a messy and challenging task, but also one that usually doesn’t provide the deep-clean results you may want. At Aim Carpet And Air Duct Cleaning, we provide the most comfortable way to achieve radiant floors free of any harmful contaminants.


We use a powerful cleaning solution to break up the dirt and grime, then extract it using high-pressure suction. The result is clean, bright tile and grout that looks like new. Don’t spend another day scrubbing away at stubborn stains—let Aim Carpet And Air Duct Cleaning do the work for you. 

Reasons To Work With Us

There are many reasons to choose Aim Carpet And Air Duct Cleaning for your tile and grout cleaning needs, including:

Enhanced Home Appearance

First impressions matter, and clean tile and grout can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your home. Dust, dirt, and other allergens can become trapped in your flooring, leading to dull and opaque surfaces. Our professional cleaners will bring the shine back to your floors, making them look brighter and more welcoming.

Extended Tile & Grout Lifespan

Not only will our tile and grout cleaning services make your floors look great, but they’ll also help extend your surfaces’ lifespan. Over time, dirt, and grime can wear away at the protective sealant on your tile and grout, leading to cracks and other damage. By regularly scheduled cleanings, you can keep your floors pristine.

Healthier Environment

A clean home is a healthy home. Dust mites, mold, mildew, and other allergens can thrive in dirty environments. If you or your family members suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, regular tile and grout cleaning can help to improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Get Your Furniture Restore With Aim Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning Services

Don’t spend another day scrubbing at stubborn stains—let Aim Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning do the hard work for you. We provide top-quality tile and grout cleaning services in St. Louis, MO, that will leave your floors looking new. Our cleaning professionals have over 11+ years of experience in the cleaning industry, delivering exceptional results for our commercial and residential customers.


We aim to become the name that comes to your mind when you ask yourself. Contact us to learn more about our services and request a free estimate!

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